Monday, April 05, 2010


GO GENRE EVERYTHING 'humans & luxury' 7"

…from the badlands of Tasmania, through Melbourne share-house doors to a 7” in your hands, Go Genre Everything are an unstoppable force of nature – equal parts Crass, Tears For Fears and Luigi Russolo. A three-piece duo! Fitting we think as there are AT LEAST five pieces inside these gorgeous and ‘future’ pop songs created by Zac & Jen – ALL AT THE SAME TIME. Live, GGE are the answer to the question “whatever happened to fun?”…”humans like collecting things that match” they sing. I believe them, i truly do.

crank the 7''!!!!!! if ya wanna hear zac's sub-infused guitar at it's most potent....always sounds better on wax.

WIRE review by Byron Coley...
'humans & luxury' (spanish magic 7'')

as near as can be determined, GO GENRE EVERYTHING are a duo based either in Melbourne or on the island of Tasmania. these spots aren't that far distant geographically, but the aesthetic gulf between them is vast, so let's assume GGE are Victorians. their basic style is heavily indebted to 1978 DIY UK slammage (although one could also draw parallels to some of the 'little bands' of the late 70's Melbourne scene) with heavy bass riffing, dunty guitar slams and yowly vocals. regardless of origins, it's a damn fine sound, one which grows more annoying with every spin (ala Art Bears). outstanding.

limited edition. 30 RED covers. and GREEN standard.

$5 plus postage


PREHISTORIC FUCKIN' MORON(s) 'they look alike / mainly around the head' C32

Giza before there was GZA, the moron has been creating a stir since ’92 with his music (constantly evolving but always jumping the fence instead of walking around it) and his attitude towards others who have an attitude. This new document here is PFM playing the Arkestra (late 50’s), playing Henri Chopin, playing Prince Paul if that makes sense. He’d tell me i am a wanker…and he wouldn’t be far off. Whatever. That’s why he makes the music and i get stuck with writing this shit. Tape manipulation, vinyl, synth, woodwind & vocal spats and bursts of mania behind the drum-kit? Nah. Modern jazz for techno kids? Maybe. “you can’t have me” says Alex Chilton…”what?” replies the moron. Yup.


$5 plus postage