Friday, September 30, 2011

Pimmon / Yclept Dinmakers + Radio Ca Ca cassettes AVAILABLE NOW!

PIMMON / YCLEPT DINMAKERS 'Live @ Sound No Sound 2005 / Frootz Masheen (Parched Again)' CASS

Side A of this here tape is a perfect example of Pimmon at his best in a live format. Including unreleased gems melded with a couple of old favourites from his Tigerbeat6 days. The madman set this one up perfect for strange coupling with Pure Evil Trio at the Lansdowne Hotel on a Sunday afternoon. A weird one, but he made it work!

And on the FLIP (Side B) you step back to 1983 when some were boys no older than 18. That includes Mr Saxton and Masters. Founded in New South Wales, the early 1980s in the climate of Australian post-punk and industrial (influenced particularly by Severed Heads); they released a few tapes on their Stripling Bog label, such as ‘Vanished Thumbs’ (1981), ‘Klinger the Blowies’ (1981), ‘Eeleemon Machine’ (1982) and ‘Yclept Truth’ (1982?). After a period of almost thirty years of inactivity, this split with Pimmon is finally ready to hit the ears of the public! Using what they called ‘the Loopola’, live loops feeding back on themselves and slowly decaying. Turntable and Cassette of even younger gentleman of 8; totally mind-bending!

$6 plus postage


RADIO CA CA 'untitled' CASS

Honestly one of the weirdest tapes I’ve heard and I’ve listened to it about a thousand times. Still rings weird. Like something you’d pick up in a dodgy porn shop or hopefully find one day in a vinnies bin and it blows your mind. Exactly as the name suggests, you’ll be skipping through the radio channels of absolute blissed out synth, wandering back to days of primitive ruckus, and trekking through the streets of Mexico to Thailand, only to return to some odd homely conversation. All recorded direct to dictaphone and all out of wack; in the best way possible! I found the station I was looking for but then I lost it again.

Get loaded on insanity.

$6 plus postage